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Petroleum represents a privileged investment that allows investors to speculate on the price of a barrel of oil. This raw material is, in fact, extremely volatile, which favors large price differences, even in the short term. Crude oil offers high liquidity and excellent profit opportunities under virtually all market conditions.

We are a company that operates and invests in oil assets that generate solid returns for our investors. Ethics, efficiency, transparency and profitability. It is with this fundamental foundation of values that we built Petron-Pay..


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                                                   Barrel $25

Accession: $5
Binary: 5 points
0,2% to 2.5% day


Barrel $50

  Accession: $5

Binary: 10 points
0,2% to 2.5% day

Barrel $99

Accession: $10
Binary: 20 points
0,2% to 2.5% day


Barrel $249

Accession: $15
Binary: 50 points
0.2% to 2.5% day

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Advantages of Investing in the Petron-Pay 


A volatile asset

Due to strong price movements, oil is a very volatile asset that has 

interesting price differences in a very short time.

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Starting to trade oil is pertinent, as this asset is easy to analyze and presents good opportunities for investors.

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Expansion Plan

It offers a business incentive plan that enables operations partnership, profit sharing, network / marketing and leadership bonuses.

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About us 

Our platform has partnered with large refineries enabling high quantity purchase and excellent profitability.

Starting to trade oil is pertinent, as this asset is easy to analyze and presents good opportunities for investors...
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How to REGISTER and Activate your petron-pay Account. 

1. Click on the Register button. 

2. Fill in your details

3. Login click on the barrel(package) you want to buy 

4. Complete your payment. 


Our Payment method

Petron-Pay receives payment for Barrel investment plans using bitcoin and all investors are paid with bitcoin. 

During registration kindly insert your bitcoin wallet address which will be used to pay you when you place withdraw.

Referral Bonus

Petron-Pay has a referral bonus of 10% of the referral investment, this is a great way to to encourage our valued investors to earn more profits in their trades with Petron-Pay.

Our Oil Barrel Prices covers a wide range 
of profit which is drawn from the daily 
percentage profits accumulated in every Trade.
Market capital of Petron-Pay grows 
 from  $10,000/mth to $50,000/mth
Make more than 300% of your
 investment and enjoy enormous 
benefits while trading with 
Petron-Pay Petroleum investment.
Barrel prices ranges from as low as 
$25 to $2000, you can choose from 
any one and start earning profits 
From Petroleum directly to your bitcoin wallet.
Barrel Plans
Black Gold | The Petroleum Joseph todd
The petroleum remains the main source of energy in the world we live in. And until renewable energy is able to replace so-called 'black gold', we will remain dependent on it.

International Politics 

The sale of petroleum and oil products is a fundamental piece of foreign and trade policy in the world.
Energetic Purposes
About 90% of the petroleum is used for energy purposes, either in thermoelectric power stations or as fuel for transportation or industrial furnaces.
Extracted Products
The products that supply the industries are extracted (60% of the raw materials used in the world industry come from petroleum). Medicinal products include synthetic rubber, synthetic fabrics (nylon, elastomer, cold wool, etc.), coke, asphalt, tar, pitch, waxes, paraffin, varnishes, resins, matches, photographic films, petroleum jelly and even chewing gum.
Top Petroleum Producers 
 Of the currently known deposits, the most important are in the Middle East, Russia, and the Caucasus Republics, the United States, Central America, and the northern region of South America. Currently, the world's top ten petroleum producers are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Mexico and England.
Mr. Ramon
Petron Corporations, Philippines

Petron-pay investment company Has a telegram support you can chat for details on how to start investing. Click here to chat with our representative.

The announcement of the coin to buy will be made on our telegram channel click on this link to join.

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